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Building for Crypto with Lewis Tuff

As crypto gains worldwide attention, the most scalable, resilient and performant systems are required for the industry to thrive. Products must be designed for a mix of technical and

Episode Summary: 1inch: The Super Liquider DEX Aggregator

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies gained value in 2010, exchanges popped up so that people could extract value from these blockchain based currencies. However, the failure of Mt. Gox

Hedge Fund Artificial Intelligence with Xander Dunn (Repeat)

Originally published April 3, 2017 A hedge fund is a collection of investors that make bets on the future. The “hedge” refers to the fact that the investors often try to diversify

Robinhood Engineering with Jaren Glover

Robinhood is a platform for buying and selling stocks and cryptocurrencies. Robinhood is complex, fast-moving, and financial, and together these things require high quality engineering

Software and the Law with Mark Radcliffe

As software permeates our lives, there are an increased number of situations where the legal system must be designed to account for that software. Whether the issues are open source