Continuous Integration

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Release Apps with Tommy McClung

Every software company works off of several different development environments–at the very least there is staging, testing, and production. Every push to staging can be spun up as

DevOps at Delta Air Lines with Jasmine James

Airlines have always had an emphasis on new technology. Over the years, airlines have needed to develop more and more software. Digital transformation is causing every large company to

DevSecOps with Edward Thomson

DevSecOps emphasizes moving security out of a siloed audit process and distributing security practices throughout the software supply chain. In the past, software development usually

OpenShift Kubernetes Platform

In the age of cloud and containers, Kubernetes holds a central place in the vocabulary of developers that want to stay current and to get an advantage over their competitors. In its

Continuous Integration in Open Source with Oren Novotny

Open source software is key to our software infrastructure. Closed source enterprises rely on open source software, but the development processes for closed source and open source