Continuous Integration in Open Source with Oren Novotny

Open source software is key to our software infrastructure. Closed source enterprises rely on open source software, but the development processes for closed source and open source software are often different in their approach to continuous integration and delivery.

Oren Novotny is a chief architect of DevOps and modern software at BlueMetal Architects where he works with a variety of clients to build products and internal applications. Oren spends lots of time developing open source software for his job as well as during his spare time. He’s been in the software industry for more than 15 years, and has a wide breadth of insights from different businesses in how they apply software.

We started the conversation talking about electronic trading companies, which in some ways operate like large enterprises and in other ways operate like startups. Oren described working in the financial industry through the 2008 crisis, then switching industries to work at Microsoft, before coming to BlueMetal Architects. We then discussed the process of setting up continuous integration for an open source project–including the difficulties and the large benefits for adding continuous integration to an open source project.


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