Coding Boot Camps

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The Recurse Center with Nick Bergson-Shilcock

Learning to program is about self-driven exploration. Universities help guide you, coding boot camps provide a rigorous environment to work in, and online coding courses provide content

Salary Negotiation with Haseeb Qureshi

Negotiation is an important skill for software engineers. The salary you negotiate at the beginning of your job could be a difference of tens of thousands of dollars over the course of

CodeNewbie with Saron Yitbarek

“There are advantages in the newness of coding.” CodeNewbie is a community of programmers and people learning to code. There are so many people learning about software today,

Helping Veterans Learn to Code with David Molina

“We’re already problem solvers, and we’re just trying to be problem solvers on the web.” Military veterans have the right set of skills to become programmers. Technical
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Code Fellows with Dave Parker

“We’re not in the business of taking tuition, we’re in the business of getting people jobs.” Continue reading…
Code Fellows