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Cloudflare Serverless with Zack Bloom

“Serverless” is an execution model where applications are scheduled and deployed to servers that are not directly managed by the application developer.  In serverless execution, an

Edge Storage with Steve Klabnik

Edge computing allows for faster data access and computation. When your client application makes a request, that request might be routed to the edge. Edge servers are more numerous and

Serverless at the Edge with Kenton Varda

Over the last decade, computation and storage have moved from on-premise hardware into the cloud data center. Instead of having large servers “on-premise,” companies started to

Web Security at Cloudflare, Pinterest, and Segment

Last month, Software Engineering Daily had our 4th Meetup at Cloudflare in San Francisco. For this Meetup, the format was short interviews with security specialists from Pinterest,

Protocol Buffers with Kenton Varda

When engineers are writing code, they are manipulating objects. You might have a user object represented on your computer, and that user object has several different fields—a name, a