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Healthcare AI with Cosima Gretton

Automation will make healthcare more efficient and less prone to error. Today, machine learning is already being used to diagnose diabetic retinopathy and improve radiology accuracy.

CRISPR with Geoff Ralston

CRISPR is a technique for altering the human genome. It might be the most powerful tool for biological modification that we have ever discovered. In this episode, we explore CRISPR: how

Biological Machine Learning with Jason Knight

Biology research is complex. The sample size of a biological data set is often too small to make confident judgments about the biological system being studied. During Jason Knight’s

Medical Machine Learning with Razik Yousfi and Leo Grady

Medical imaging is used to understand what is going on inside the human body and prescribe treatment. With new image processing and machine learning techniques, the traditional medical

Robot Cloud Lab with Max Hodak

A biologist wants to study the genetic makeup of an organism. A pharmaceutical researcher wants to test the effects of an experimental drug. These types of experiments require a deep