CRISPR with Geoff Ralston

CRISPR is a technique for altering the human genome. It might be the most powerful tool for biological modification that we have ever discovered. In this episode, we explore CRISPR: how it works, why it exists in the natural world, and the implications for being able to modify DNA so easily.

Geoff Ralston is a partner at Y-Combinator. He wrote an article entitled Hacking DNA: The Story of CRISPR, Ken Thompson, and the Gene Drive. Since Geoff is not a biologist, he is the perfect person to explain CRISPR to an audience of non-biologists.

Since he is an investor, he is also great at explaining the pace at which CRISPR might make it to market, and how it might converge with some of the other futuristic trends we are seeing so regularly today.

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