AWS Lambda

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Vendia: Serverless and Blockchains with Tim Wagner and David Wells

When Tim Wagner worked at Amazon, he invented AWS Lambda. After working on the early serverless infrastructure, he joined Coinbase and worked as VP of Engineering. Since leaving

Serverless Development with Jeremy Daly

Serverless tools have come a long way since the release of AWS Lambda in 2014. Serverless apps were originally architected around Lambda, with the functions-as-a-service being used to

AWS Compute with Deepak Singh

Upcoming event: FindCollabs Hackathon at App Academy on April 6, 2019 On Amazon Web Services, there are many ways to run an application on a single node. The first compute option on AWS

slsML: Towards elastic ML infrastructure on AWS Lambda

Featured Image Credit This article was originally written by Alex Glikson on Medium. Reposted with permission. The seamless elasticity of ‘serverless’ Function-as-a-Service (FaaS)

Serverless Applications with Randall Hunt

Developers can build networked applications today without having to deploy their code to a server. These “serverless” applications are constructed from managed services and