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Kong API Platform with Marco Palladino

When a user makes a request to product like The New York Times, that request hits an API gateway. An API gateway is the entry point for an external request. An API gateway serves several

Plaid: Banking API Platform with Jean-Denis Greze

A bank account is a platform for apps to be built on top of. If that sounds like a weird idea, think about the features of a bank account. Most users only have a single bank account,

GraphQL: A success story for PayPal Checkout

This post was originally written by Mark Stuart of PayPal Engineering on Medium. Reposted with permission. At PayPal, we recently introduced GraphQL to our technology stack. If you

How we serve 25M API calls from 10 scalable global endpoints for $150 a month

This Article was originally written by Jonathan Kosgei on FreeCodeCamp. Reposted with permission. I woke up on Black Friday last year to a barrage of emails from users reporting 503

Serverless Instant Checkout Links with Square

This Article was originally written by Richard Moot on Medium. Reposted with permission from Square. Servers beware! Watch out containers! Our serverless overlords are here! There is a