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Data Labeling with Michael Malyuk

Data labeling allows machine learning algorithms to find patterns among the data. There are a variety of data labeling platforms that enable humans to apply labels to this data and ready

Data Intensive Applications with Martin Kleppman (Summer Break Repeat)

Originally published May 2, 2017. We are taking a few weeks off. We’ll be back soon with new episodes. A new programmer learns to build applications using data structures like a

Stitch Fix Engineering with Cathy Polinsky

Stitch Fix is a company that recommends packages of clothing based on a set of preferences that the user defines and updates over time. Stitch Fix’s software platform includes the

Algorithm Marketplace with Diego Oppenheimer of Algorithmia

Algorithmia is marketplace for algorithms. A software engineer who writes an algorithm for image processing or spam detection or TF-IDF can turn that algorithm into a RESTful API to be