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Pinot and StarTree with Chinmay Soman

Real-time analytics are difficult to achieve because large amounts of data must be integrated into a data set as that data streams in. As the world moved from batch analytics powered by

Web3 Infrastructure with Josh Neuroth

Web3 is powerful but difficult to work with. Deploying blockchain nodes, accessing data, and performing staking operations are non-trivial engineering actions. To simplify web3, Ankr

Fig Engineering with Brendan Falk and Matt Schrage

Brendan Falk Matt Schrage The terminal is a necessary tool for any software engineer. In order to work quickly, developers have always customized their terminals to work for their

Scaling WordPress with Brandon DuRette

WP Engine is a domain specific cloud provider that hosts high performance WordPress infrastructure. This website, Software Engineering Daily, runs on WP Engine. Scaling a domain specific

Data Loss Prevention with Yasir Ali

Data loss can occur when large data sources such as Slack or Google Drive get leaked. In order to detect and avoid leaks, a data asset graph can be built to understand the risks of a