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Distributed SQL with Karthik Ranganathan and Sid Choudhury

Relational databases provide durable transactional systems for storing data. The relational model has existed for decades, but the requirements for a relational database have changed.

Economics of Software with Russ Roberts Holiday Repeat

Originally published July 14, 2016 EconTalk is a weekly economics podcast that has been going for a decade. On EconTalk, Russ Roberts brings on writers, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs

Uber’s Data Platform with Zhenxiao Luo Holiday Repeat

Originally published May 24, 2018 When a user takes a ride on Uber, the app on the user’s phone is communicating with Uber’s backend infrastructure, which is writing to a database

Kong API Platform with Marco Palladino Holiday Repeat

Originally published January 4, 2019 When a user makes a request to product like The New York Times, that request hits an API gateway. An API gateway is the entry point for an external

Future of Computing with John Hennessy Holiday Repeat

Originally published June 7, 2018 Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years. Moore’s Law is less like a “law”