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Uber State Machine with Uday Kiran Medisetty

 If you’re working on a proof of concept which you hope will help you raise funding, it’s fine to take a few shortcuts. Use the tech stack you know the best, don’t

Build Tools with Benjy Weinberger

Writing software is an absolute joy. Getting software to build is a chore. Thus, build systems emerged as a solution to automate this chore. At some point software engineers either use

6 Data Import Challenges Facing Software Developers

Data onboarding – the process of importing a customers’ required data into a software product – is often a fairly manual process and the lack of automation means data onboarding

Infrastructure as Code with Rob Hirschfeld

Infrastructure as code is a concept that has delighted software engineers, dev ops, and engineering management across the board. It’s neither fun nor efficient to configure the

Pinterest Engineering

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine people use to find ideas in home, food, style, beauty, and more. The service grew quickly after its founding in 2010 and the company has grown to