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Panther: Security as Code with Jack Naglieri

Originally published on August 23, 2021. Application security is usually done with a set of tools and services known as SIEM – Security Information and Event Management. SIEM tools

Cloud Native Observability with Martin Mao

Maintaining availability in a modern digital application is critical to keeping your application operating and available and to keep meeting your customers growing demands. There are

Developer-first Observability with Liran Haimovitch

As software engineering teams start to build products that become more and more mature, it becomes necessary to be able to debug complex issues with tooling that enables understanding of

Modular Blockchain Architecture with Nader Dabit

Web infrastructure has evolved from individual servers to shared hosting services to virtual machines and virtual functions. The future of the internet however is looking toward a much

Lakehouse Data Stack with Raj Bains

Originally published on April 12, 2022. As companies move to Spark and a Lakehouse architecture, they are realizing that the data tools are lagging way behind.  You need to be a