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One Snowflake, Multiple Vaults: A Solution to Data Residency

Data residency requirements, which govern where sensitive data can be stored or processed in the cloud (or in an on-prem server) are a common feature of many modern data protection laws.

Building a State Machine Backend with Adam Berger

When Adam Berger was at Uber, his team was responsible for ensuring that Uber Eats merchants correctly receive and fulfill orders. This required them to think hard about engineering

Figma Dev Mode with Marcel Weekes

One of the key challenges that teams encounter is how to smoothly collaborate on converting a design into code. For example, if a designer designs a web component, how can it be most

The Astro Framework with James Quick

Frontend web frameworks are software toolkits that handle many of the low-level and repetitive aspects of building a website. These frameworks have made it easier than ever to build a

Chronosphere with Martin Mao

Observability software helps teams to actively monitor and debug their systems, and these tools are increasingly vital in DevOps. However, it’s not uncommon for the volume of