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Product Design using AR and XR with Jenna Fizel

Augmented reality and extended reality, or AR and XR, are in the early stages of being integrated into design workflows. But they are likely to transform design in the years to come.

Making OAuth and OIDC Accessible to Developers

Simplifying Application Development Security  Security is an integral and often challenging component in application development. Developers focus on the functionality of the frontend

Discover the Future of Development at OSDC 2021

This article was originally published on the OutSystems blog. Look, we know that as developers, you don’t like when we mince words, or use jargon as a crutch, so here’s a

LinkedIn: Building with agility for our members in times of need

by Maria Zhang Reposted from LinkedIn The needs of our members and customers have evolved rapidly in recent weeks, and we’ve been focused on evolving alongside them to meet their needs

Finding the Benefits of Imposter Syndrome

Originally published here by Billy Korando I am a frequent listener to the podcast Software Engineering Daily. On a recent episode Facebook Engineering Culture, Kent Beck shared his