Customer-facing Analytics with Tyler Wells

The state of Data inside most companies is chaotic. It takes significant time and investment to tame this chaos. When you are a platform provider you are gathering tons of data from the developers using your platform. These developers building products on your platform need insight into that data to better understand how their application is performing or to troubleshoot it. Most Platforms or SaaS application providers find it both difficult and expensive to build customer-facing analytics and data applications into their platforms. In fact most companies don’t know what to do with the data they are gathering and continually postpone future product roadmap features aimed to unlock this data. This data can be a crucial part of the developer experience and can empower your customers. It can save you countless hours of handling support tickets, and increase overall stickiness on the platform.

Propel is a GraphQL API platform ideal for powering customer-facing analytics use cases, from customer dashboards and analytics APIs to product usage or in-product metrics.
Tyler Wells is Co-founder and CTO at Propel and he joins us today. We discuss how the customer-centric experiences at Twilio lead his team to the journey they are on today.

Sean’s been an academic, startup founder, and Googler. He has published works covering a wide range of topics from information visualization to quantum computing. Currently, Sean is Head of Marketing and Developer Relations at Skyflow and host of the podcast Partially Redacted, a podcast about privacy and security engineering. You can connect with Sean on Twitter @seanfalconer .


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