Optimizing Cloud Data Platforms with Mingsheng Hong

Mingsheng Hong, is CEO and co-founder (along with Zheng Shao) of Bluesky. He is a thought leader for machine learning and has built data infrastructure to support some of the world’s most challenging workloads. Most recently, Mingsheng was at Google, where he led teams to build storage and querying stacks that power Google’s $100 billion ads business and a new TensorFlow backend to improve performance for AI workloads.

Jocelyn Byrne Houle is a product leader, operator and investor focused on data and machine learning.  Today, Jocelyn is a Sr. Director of Product Management for Securiti.ai, a Unified Data Controls platform.  She has experience working at startups and at large companies like Capital One, Fannie Mae and Microsoft. Any opinions expressed by Jocelyn are her own and do not reflect the opinions or her employers.


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