Hex Collaborative Data Workspace with Barry McCardel and Caitlin Colgrove

Barry McCardel

Co-Founder and CEO at Hex

Caitlin Colgrove

Co-Founder and CTO at Hex

In contrast to other IDEs, the notebook interface offers software developers a unique environment idealized for data professionals.  Despite the growth in popularity, a surprising learning curve still exists for setup and configuration.  A siloed notebook offers no native collaboration tools.  While one can connect to a SQL database programmatically, if you’re looking for an ideal ergonomic environment for some heavy duty SQL queries, many developers seek an external tool for that job.

In this episode, Kyle interviews Barry McCardel and Caitlin Colgrove from Hex.  Hex is a collaborative data workspace that makes it easy to go from idea to analysis to sharing.  We talk about Hex’s offering and the evolving space of notebook solutions for going beyond some of the issues noted above.


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