Shoreline: Fleet Automation with Anurag Gupta

In today’s containerized world, it’s common to encounter similar issues with known solutions across multiple pods. For most people there are 2 solutions: go pod-by-pod finding and fixing the problem, or do that while also spending months trying to automate that process. This is significant time and manual labor.

The company Shoreline orchestrates real-time debugging and automated repair across fleets. Shoreline makes it easy to define metrics, alarms, actions, and bots from the CLI that take action like draining and terminating nodes tagged for retirement or finding TLS certificates that are close to expiring. For unknown issues, Shoreline lets you debug across every pod from a single CLI rather than SSHing pod-by-pod, like running a command to grep for errors.

In this episode, we talk with Anurag Gupta, Founder and CEO of Shoreline.

Full disclosure: Shoreline is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily.

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