Text Blaze: Text Shortcuts with Scott Fortmann-Roe

There are over 4 billion people using email. Many people using email for business communicate quick questions to colleagues, send repetitive, template-based information to potential customers and freshly hired employees, and repeat a lot of the same phrases. We actually repeat phrases in a lot of written formats. How often do you copy and paste the same thing to multiple people?

The company Text Blaze is making the workday a little faster, more productive, and convenient with their shortcut-to-snippet software product. With Text Blaze you can save any snippet of text or template, including templates that need fill-in-the-blank sections, to a keyboard shortcut. Then type that shortcut in Gmail, Google Docs, LinkedIn, or Salesforce, and wherever else you need to use your saved snippet. 

In this episode we talk to Scott Fortmann-Roe, CTO at Text Blaze.

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