BaseTen: Creating Machine Learning APIs with Tuhin Srivastava and Amir Haghighat

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are interfaces that enable multiple software applications to send and retrieve data from one another. They are commonly used for retrieving, saving, editing, or deleting data from databases, transmitting data between apps, and embedding third-party services into apps.

The company BaseTen helps companies build and deploy machine learning APIs and applications. Using pre-existing ML models, or choosing from BaseTen’s library of pretrained models, BaseTen helps you instantly deploy API endpoints powered by those models to use in your applications. These APIs easily scale and integrate with existing data sources. BaseTen’s serverless infrastructure enables chaining model outputs and pre- and post- processing code. They also use a drag-and-drop UI builder to create custom UI’s for the applications, all without learning React. 

In this episode, we talk with Tuhin Srivastava and Amir Haghighat, founders at BaseTen. Tuhin previously founded Shape, and also worked as a Data Scientist at Gumroad. We discuss machine learning API development, scaling ML-driven applications, and the capabilities of BaseTen’s technology.

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