Synthetix: Derivatives Trading in DeFi with Justin Moses

Volatility is the degree of fluctuation of something’s price. Highly volatile assets may see rapid and large price changes, while less volatile assets will maintain a steady price. This concept is important in decentralized finance because cryptocurrencies tend to be volatile assets. 

The company Synthetix provides assets called Synths that provide exposure to an asset without holding the underlying resource. For example, you can hold and trade Synths that track the price of USDs, synthetic gold and silver (measured by the ounce), and other currencies and commodities. Users use Synthetix to trade the price equivalents of real-world assets on Ethereum. This lets them diversify their investment portfolios with less volatile assets while staying on the blockchain and executing trades against smart contracts. 

In today’s episode we talk with Justin Moses, CTO at Synthetix. Previously Justin worked as CTO at Haven and as a Tech Advisor at blueshyft. We discuss derivatives trading in DeFi, the liquidity and volatility of synthetic assets, and the rewards and features available from using Synthetix.

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