Suborbital: WebAssembly Infrastructure with Connor Hicks

The complexity of building web applications seems to have grown exponentially in the last several years. This added complexity may bring power, but it can also make applications brittle, costly, and difficult to maintain.

Suborbital is an open-source project with a goal of making web application development simple. Its flagship project is Atmo, a platform that integrates three underlying projects also built by Suborbital. Vektor is an HTTP framework. Reactr allows developers to write self-contained functions called Runnables to handle business logic, which are then built into WebAssembly. Atmo then automatically scales out a flat network of instances to handle traffic using Grav, a meshed message bus, and Reactr, an embedded job scheduler. Together, these projects make it simple to create powerful, WebAssembly-based server applications without worrying about infrastructure or writing boilerplate code. 

Connor Hicks maintains the Suborbital open source project. By day, he is a developer and Product Discovery Lead at 1Password. He joins the show today to talk about the exciting potential of WebAssembly, how Atmo is introducing new design patterns, and why we should think differently about complex webservices systems.

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