Datahub: Open Source Data Lake with Pardhu Gunnam and Mars Lan

As the volume and scope of data collected by an organization grow, tasks such as data discovery and data management grow in complexity. Simply put, the more data there is, the harder it is for users such as data analysts to find what they’re looking for. A metadata hub helps manage Big Data by providing metadata search and discovery tools, and a centralized hub which presents a holistic view of the data ecosystem. DataHub is Linkedin’s open-sourced metadata search and discovery tool. It is Linkedin’s second generation of metadata hubs after WhereHows. 

Pardhu Gunnam and Mars Lan join us today from Metaphor, a company they co-founded to build out the DataHub ecosystem. Pardhu and Mars, and the other co-founders of Metaphor, were part of the team at Linkedin that built the DataHub project. They join the show today to talk about how DataHub democratizes data access for an organization, why the new DataHub architecture was critical to Linkedin’s growth, and what we can expect to see from the DataHub project moving forwards.

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