Equinix Infrastructure with Tim Banks

Software-Defined Networking describes a category of technologies that separate the networking control plane from the forwarding plane. This enables more automated provisioning and policy-based management of network resources. Implementing software-defined networking is often the task of Site Reliability Engineers, or SREs. Site reliability engineers work at the intersection of development and operations by bringing software development practices to system administration. 

Equinix manages co-location data centers and provides networking, security, and cloud-related services to their clients. Equinix is leveraging its status as a market leader in on-prem networking capabilities to expand into cloud and IaaS offerings such as Equinix Metal, which has been referred to as “bare-metal-as-a-service,” and offers integrations with 3rd party cloud technologies with a goal of creating a seamless alternative to modern public clouds for organizations seeking the benefits of colocation.

Tim Banks is a Principal Solutions Architect at Equinix and he joins the show to talk about what Equinix offers and how it differs from other cloud providers.

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