Earthly: Build Automation with Vlad Ionescu

Build automation tools automate the process of building code, including steps such as compiling, packaging binary code, and running automated tests. Because of this, build automation tools are considered a key part of a continuous delivery pipeline. Build automation tools read build scripts to define how they should perform a build. Common build scripts include Makefile, Dockerfile, and bash. 

Earthly is a build automation tool that allows you to execute all your builds in containers. Earthly uses Earthfiles, which draws from the best features of Makefile and Dockerfile and provides a common layer between language-specific tooling and the CI build spec. Earthly builds are repeatable, isolated, and self-contained, and will run the same way across different environments such as a CI system or a developer’s laptop. 

Vlad Ionescu is the Founder and CEO of Earthly Technologies. He was formerly the founder and chief architect at Vlad joins the show today to talk about why reproducible builds are important, how Earthly simplifies build scripts, and what the long-term vision for Earthly looks like.

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