Semgrep: Modern Static Analysis with Isaac Evans

Static analysis is a type of debugging that identifies defects without running the code. Static analysis tools can be especially useful for enforcing security policies by analyzing code for security vulnerabilities early in the development process, allowing teams to rapidly address potential issues and conform to best practices.

R2C has developed a fast, open-source static analysis tool called Semgrep. Semgrep provides syntax-aware code scanning and a database of thousands of community-defined rules to compare your code against. Semgrep also makes it easy for security engineers and developers to define custom rules to enforce their organization’s policies. R2C’s platform has been adopted by industry leaders such as Dropbox and Snowflake, and recently received the “Disruptive Innovator” distinction at Forbes’ 2020 Cybersecurity Awards.

Isaac Evans is the Founder and CEO of R2C. Before founding R2C he was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Redpoint Ventures and a computer scientist at the US Department of Defense. Isaac joins the show today to talk about how R2C is helping teams improve their cloud security, why static analysis is a natural fit for CI/CD workflows, and what to expect from R2C and the Semgrep project in the future.

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