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Studies show that people in “maker” professions such as developers and writers are most productive when they can carve out dedicated time for focused work, without the frequent context-switching that comes with an irregular meeting schedule. Meetings and other non-development work are necessary parts of the job, but a team will be much more productive with deep work time in mind. 

Okay is an engineering metrics dashboard platform designed with the goal of maximizing time for deep work. Okay helps break down time slots into categories such as Maker Time, Meeting Load, and Friction Time based on data collected and feedback from the team. Okay organizes both quantitative and qualitative data into a single dashboard for team planning, and supports plug-and-play integrations with productivity tools such as GoogleCalendar, PagerDuty, and CircleCI, and more.

Tomas Barreto is the CTO and co-founder of Okay. Before founding Okay, he worked with Sequoia Capital and Y Combinator, and was VP of engineering at Box. He joins the show today to talk about why Maker Time is so important for engineers, and how Okay helps teams make data-driven decisions to maximize productivity.

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