Equinix Partnerships with Shaedon Blackman

A “co-location” center is a data center that leases out networking and compute infrastructure to retail clients. Co-location centers host clients with a wide variety of infrastructure strategies, from small retail customers, to medium-size teams running hybrid cloud models, to large corporate clients who prefer not to incur the capital cost of building their own data center. While Equinix is already a market leader in co-location centers, they have expanded to provide a wide variety of services for their clients, including managed IaaS, disaster recovery, and integrations with cloud providers such as AWS and Google Cloud.

Shaedon Blackman is a partner developer analyst at Equinix. As a partner developer analyst, Shaedon works to build Equinix’s network of corporate partners, while also advocating for diverse and inclusive human capital within the organization. Before he joined Equinix, he was a Core Fellow at Pursuit, a software engineering fellowship funded by Google, and the Chief Operating Officer of a non-profit youth program. He joins the show today to talk about a variety of important topics facing the tech industry today, including diversity, inclusion, and education, and also how Equinix is building partnerships and sponsoring open-source projects to achieve its goals.

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