New Relic One with Lew Cirne

In a distributed application, observability is key to handling incidents and building better, more stable software. Legacy monitoring methods were built to respond to predictable failure modes, and to aggregate high-level data like access speed, connectivity, and downtime. Observability, on the other hand, is a measure of how well you can infer the internal state of a system from its outputs in order to trace the cause. At its core, building a system with observability means using instrumentation to provide insights on how and why internal components within a system are performing a certain way. Developers and SREs can build on that data to proactively debug potential failure modes, set service-level objectives, and speed up incident response.

New Relic has been an industry leader in the observability space for the better part of a decade. This year, they announced New Relic One, an evolution of their flagship platform that streamlines and simplifies all the functions available to help organizations achieve observability. New Relic One enhances the Full-Stack Observability Platform through AIOps with their Applied Intelligence, which draws insights from the observability data to help detect anomalies before they become incidents.

Lew Cirne is the founder and CEO of New Relic. He joins the show today to talk about how New Relic One helps developers move beyond monitoring and embrace observability, and how he sees the future of software observability platforms.

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