Cloud Custodian with Kapil Thangavelu

Cloud resources can get out of control if proper management constraints are not put in place. Cloud Custodian enables users to be well managed in the cloud. It is a YAML DSL that allows you to easily define rules to enable a well-managed cloud infrastructure giving security and cost optimization. Kapil Thangavelu works on Cloud Custodian and he joins the show to talk about modern cloud management and what he is building with Cloud Custodian.

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Hasura announced the beta of its cloud offering in June, it is now gone GA. Hasura Cloud has the Hasura GraphQL engine as a base. The GA launch includes: Updates to the Free Forever Tier,  Availability in multiple regions, Heroku DB auto-sync, Support for custom domains. MySQL and SQL Server support are coming soon. Check it out at

From their recent report on serverless adoption and trends, Datadog found half of their customer base using EC2s have now adopted AWS Lambda. You can easily monitor all your serverless functions in one place and generate serverless metrics straight from Datadog. Check it out yourself by signing up for a free 14-day trial and get a free t-shirt at

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