Sysbox: Containerization Runtime with Cesar Talledo

Containers and virtual machines are two ways of running virtualized infrastructure. Containers use less resources than VMs, and typically use the runc open source container runtime. Sysbox is a containerization runtime that offers an alternative to runc, and allows for the deployment of Docker or Kubernetes within a container. Cesar Talledo is the founder of Nestybox, a company built around the Sysbox runtime. He joins the show to talk about container runtimes and his new company.

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Teleport is open-source, written in Go, and is a drop-in replacement for OpenSSH. Plus, it has a native support for Kubernetes. Gravitational’s  Teleport provides identity-aware access using short-lived certificates with SSO, session recording, and other features that ensure compliance and audit requirements. Go give it a try by going to, where there are links to downloads, documentation, and, of course, the GitHub repository.

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