DEV and Forem with Ben Halpern has become one of the most popular places for developers to write about engineering, programming languages, and everyday life. For those who have not seen it, DEV is like a cross between Twitter and Medium, but targeted at developers. The content on DEV ranges from serious to humorous to technically useful.

DEV contains a set of features which appeal to a developer community, such as the ability to embed code snippets in a post, but for the most part the entire app is generalizable to other types of communities. Hence, the motivation for “Forem”. Forem is an open source project to make it possible to spin up instances of communities that are like DEV, but for other communities such as mixed martial arts, or doctors.

Ben Halpern is the creator of DEV and Forem, and he joins the show to talk about the DEV Community and his long-term goals for what the DEV team is building.

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