Edge Machine Learning with Zach Shelby

Devices on the edge are becoming more useful with improvements in the machine learning ecosystem. TensorFlow Lite allows machine learning models to run on microcontrollers and other devices with only kilobytes of memory. Microcontrollers are very low-cost, tiny computational devices. They are cheap, and they are everywhere.

The low-energy embedded systems community and the machine learning community have come together with a collaborative effort called tinyML. tinyML represents the improvements of microcontrollers, lighter weight frameworks, better deployment mechanisms, and greater power efficiency. 

Zach Shelby is the CEO of EdgeImpulse, a company that makes a platform called Edge Impulse Studio. Edge Impulse Studio provides a UI for data collection, training, and device management. As someone creating a platform for edge machine learning usability, Zach was a great person to talk to the state of edge machine learning and his work building a company in the space.

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