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For the last five months, we have been working on a new version of Software Daily, the platform we built to host and present our content. 

We are creating a platform that integrates the podcast with a set of other features that make it easier to learn from the audio interviews. 

Software Daily includes the following features:

  • All of our episodes. You can curate playlists of specific episodes around topics that interest you.
  • Paid subscriptions to listen without ads.
  • Written questions and answers. After listening to a set of episodes about a topic, you may enjoy writing about those topics. It also helps us build up a written content base.
  • Company and topic postings. Do you have a new company or project that we should cover in the show? You can create a new topic, and we will look at it for coverage in the podcast.
  • A freeform “Write” feature to write about subjects you are learning about. 
  • Jobs board. If you are looking for a software worker in a particular niche, post your job on Software Daily.

The world of software is large, and growing bigger every day. Software Daily is a place to explore this world of software companies and projects.

If the podcast is a useful resource for you to learn about software, then Software Daily might also provide you with value. This post (and episode) is a brief description of the features that we have built into Software Daily.

Premium RSS Feed with No Ads

If you want to listen to Software Engineering Daily without ads, you can become a paid subscriber, paying $10/month or $100/year by going to We now have an RSS feed that paid customers can add to a podcast player like Overcast (on iOS) or Podcast Addict (on Android). You can also listen to the premium episodes using our apps for iOS or Android.

Whether you are a listener who is fine with listening to ads, or you are a listener who pays to hear episodes without ads, we are happy to have you tuning in.

All Of Our Episodes In One Place

Apple podcasts limits the number of episodes in an RSS feed to 300. The feed with the last 300 episodes is available by searching for Software Daily. In total, we have more than 1200 episodes in our back catalog.

Listeners often want to find all our episodes on React, or Kubernetes, or serverless, or self-driving cars. We have been covering these topics for years, and much of the old content has retained its value. Software Daily allows you to easily find all the episodes relating to a subject that you are interested in.

You can also find our most popular episodes, ranked by how people interact with them.

Additionally, episode transcripts have interactive features with highlighting, commenting, and discussions. We want to create a Medium-like experience for the episodes.


Software Daily is a place where listeners can write about the topics they are listening to. When you are listening to lots of episodes about a topic such as GraphQL, you may find it useful to write about that topic as a form of active learning. The topic pages also have a Q&A section. Post questions about a topic, or post an answer. Engage in the community dialogue surrounding a topic you are passionate or curious about. If there is a topic you want to write about, check out

We will be turning the best written content into short podcast episodes published on the weekends where we will read your contribution and mention your name. If you write something awesome, we want to turn it into audio for larger distribution. 

Question and Answer

Every topic on Software Daily has a Q&A section. We have covered lots of niche software companies and open source projects, and on Software Daily we want to collect more information about the world of software with Q&A.

If you want to write about a specific company or topic that you heard about on Software Daily, Q&A is also an option. Our goal with Q&A is to provide a companion experience to listening to the podcast. It is not always easy to retain what you hear in a podcast episode. Answering some questions after you listen to an episode can help with that retention.

Jobs Board

Are you looking to hire someone specific in the world of software? Post a job on the Software Daily jobs board. We will be announcing some of these jobs on the podcast, especially the more interesting postings, and ones that align with content we are producing.


We appreciate you tuning into Software Daily. We would welcome your feedback, and hope you take the time to check out

Software Daily

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