International Consumer Credit Infrastructure with Brian Regan and Misha Esipov

A credit score is a rating that allows someone to qualify for a line of credit, which could be a loan such as a mortgage, or a credit card. We are assigned a credit score based on a credit history, which could be related to work history, rental payments, or loan repayments. 

One problem with the credit scoring system is that it is not internationalized. If I am coming from Brazil, I have a rental history of someone from Brazil. That information does not get naturally ported over to the United States. There needs to be a system for translating a foreign credit history to a US credit history.

Nova Credit is a company that makes a credit passport–a system for allowing users in one geographic location to use the credit history that they have built up to have credit in another location, namely the United States. Brian Regan and Misha Esipov work at Nova Credit, and they join the show to talk about how the company works, and the problem it solves.

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