Shopify React Native with Farhan Thawar

Shopify is a platform for selling products and building a business. It is a large e-commerce company with hundreds of engineers and several different mobile apps. Shopify’s engineering culture is willing to adopt new technologies aggressively, trying new tools that might provide significant leverage to the organization.

React Native is one of those technologies. React Native can be used to make cross-platform mobile development easier by allowing code reuse between Android and iOS. React Native was developed within Facebook, and has been adopted by several other prominent technology companies, with varying degrees of success. 

Many companies have seen improvements to their mobile development and release process. However, in a previous episode, we talked with Airbnb about their adoption of React Native, which was less successful.

Farhan Thawar is a VP of engineering at Shopify. He joins the show to talk about Shopify’s experience using React Native, the benefits of cross-platform development, and his perspective on when it is not a good idea to use React Native.

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