Remote Team Management with Ryan Chartrand

Remote engineering work makes some elements of software development harder, and some elements easier. With Slack and email, communication becomes more clear cut. Project management tools lay out the responsibilities and deliverables of each person. GitHub centralizes and defines the roles of developers.

On the other hand, remote work subtracts the role of nuanced conversation. There is no water cooler or break room. Work can become systematic, rigid, and completely transactional. Your co-workers are your allies, but they feel less like friends when you don’t see them every day. For some people, this can have a devastating long-term impact on their psyche.

Managers have the responsibility of ensuring the health and productivity of the people that work with them. Managing an all-remote team includes a different set of challenges than an in-person team. 

Ryan Chartrand is the CEO of X-Team, a team of developers who work across the world and collaborate with each other remotely. X-Team partners with large companies who need additional development work. Ryan joins the show to talk about the dynamics of leading a large remote workforce, as well as his own personal experiences working remotely.

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