Cloud Investing with Danel Dayan

Cloud computing caused a fundamental economic shift in how software is built. Before the cloud, businesses needed to buy physical servers in order to operate. There was an up-front cost that often amounted to tens of thousands of dollars required to pay for these servers. 

Cloud computing changed the up-front capital expense to an ongoing operational expense, with businesses increasingly shifting to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Platform. 

Although the initial motivation for moving onto cloud providers might have been decreased cost, over time the cloud providers have developed unique services that make software even easier to build than before. There has also been a proliferation of new software infrastructure companies that have been built on top of the cloud providers, giving rise to new databases, logging companies, and platform-as-a-service products.

Danel Dayan is a venture investor with Battery Ventures and a co-author of the State of the OpenCloud 2019, a report that compiles a wide set of statistics and information on how cloud computing and open source are impacting the software industry. Danel joins the show to talk about his work as an investor, as well as his previous career at Google, where he worked on mergers and acquisitions.

If you want to reach Danel you can email him at or tweet at him via @daneldayan.

The views expressed in this podcast are the interviewee’s own and not those of Battery Ventures or of any person or organization affiliated or doing business with Battery Ventures. Further, the information discussed in the podcast is not intended for use by any current or potential investor in any investment fund affiliated with Battery Ventures. For more information about Battery Ventures’ potential financing capabilities for prospective portfolio companies, please refer to our website. Matillion, Sumo Logic and Woven are Battery portfolio companies and are discussed for illustrative purposes only. For a full list of all Battery investments, please click here.

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