OneGraph: GraphQL Tooling with Sean Grove

GraphQL is a system that allows frontend engineers to make requests across multiple data sources using a simple query format. In GraphQL, a frontend developer does not have to worry about the request logic for individual backend services. The frontend developer only needs to know how to issue GraphQL requests from the client, and these requests are handled by a GraphQL server.

GraphQL is mostly used to issue queries across internal databases and services. But many of the data sources that a company needs to query in modern infrastructure are not databases–they are APIs like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Stripe. These API companies might store a large percentage of the data that a given company needs to query, and executing queries, subscriptions, and joins against these APIs is not a simple task.

OneGraph is a company that builds integrations with third-party services and exposes them through a GraphQL interface. Sean Grove is a founder of OneGraph, and he joins the show to explain the problem that OneGraph solves, how OneGraph is built, and some of the difficult engineering challenges required to design OneGraph. 

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