Data Infrastructure Investing with Eric Anderson

In a modern data platform, distributed streaming systems are used to read data coming off of an application in real-time. There are a wide variety of streaming systems, including Kafka Streams, Apache Samza, Apache Flink, Spark Streaming, and more. 

When Eric Anderson joined the show back in 2016, he was working at Google on Google Cloud Dataflow, a managed service for handling streaming data. Today, he works as an investor at Scale Venture Partners. In his current job, he analyzes companies built around data infrastructure, developer tooling, and other enterprise engineering domains.

Eric also hosts the podcast Contributor, which explores open source maintainers and the stories of their projects. His podcast has featured the creators of projects such as Envoy, Alluxio, and Chef. In today’s episode, Eric returns to the show to discuss data infrastructure, investing, and the evolving world of open source.

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