John Deere: Farm Software with Ryan Bergman

Robotics has changed modern agriculture. Autonomous systems are powering the tractors, cotton pickers, and corn cutters that yield plants at industrial scale.

John Deere is a company that has been making farm equipment for 183 years. Over that period, the planting and harvesting process has become increasingly mechanized, and John Deere has been at the forefront. Over the last few decades, software has played an increasingly important role at John Deere.

Today, there is software inside the vehicles. These vehicles can operate autonomously, they collect large amounts of data, and they are supported by a large system of cloud services. The teams within John Deere who create the software have an elaborate testing workflow that allows them to deploy the software to the vehicles and drive them in the field.

Ryan Bergman is a software engineer at John Deere and he joins the show to talk about the software engineering, management, and DevOps practices within the company. 

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