Mattermost with Ian Tien

Chat systems have been a part of software development for decades. Older systems like Pidgin and Yammer were surpassed by newer systems like HipChat. And when Slack was created, it quickly became a part of most software companies. But Slack does not fulfill the needs of every company.

Mattermost is an open-source chat system. Mattermost can be configured to work within enterprises that have strong constraints around compliance and data governance. Whereas Slack is a SaaS product that requires users to send their data to the cloud servers managed by Slack, Mattermost allows the enterprise to decide how data moves through services, and where the databases are hosted.

Ian Tien is the CEO of Mattermost, and he joins the show to talk about why many companies need their chat system to be hosted in a private cloud or on-premises. In a previous episode with CTO Corey Hulen we discussed the engineering behind the company. In today’s episode, we explore the management and strategy of the business, as well as some additional engineering, since Ian Tien’s background is as a software engineer and computer scientist.

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