Edge Computing Platform with Jaromir Coufal

Edge computing is the usage of servers that are geographically close to the client device.

The first common use case for edge computing was CDNs: content-delivery networks. A content delivery network placed media files such as images and videos on multiple servers throughout the world. These are big files, and they take lots of bandwidth to transfer. By placing them at CDNs, the files would be closer to any user around the world.

These early use cases for edge computing were purely about storing large files. But the vast majority of compute still took place at the central application servers.

Over time, users have required faster and faster application experiences. Today, an increasing amount of compute has been moved to the edge, in addition to the existing storage applications. More user data is being cached at the edge to make for quicker transactional processing. Machine learning model training and hosting at the edge makes for a faster, more responsive machine learning feedback loop.

Jaromir Coufal is an engineer with Red Hat. He joins the show to talk about modern applications of edge computing, and how the demand for edge computing is creating a market opportunity for companies that have lots of servers at the edge, such as telecoms. These telecoms can repurpose their widely distributed telecom infrastructure as edge servers that they can sell usage on.

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