Kubernetes at Cruise with Karl Isenberg

Cruise is a company that is building a fully automated self-driving car service.

The infrastructure of a self-driving car platform presents a large number of new engineering problems. Self-driving cars collect vast quantities of data as they are driving around the city. This data needs to be transferred from the cars onto cloud servers. The data needs to be used for training machine learning models. These models must be tested in a simulated environment, which provides more data to be integrated back into the self-driving system that is deployed to the cars.

As the cars drive around the city, they can communicate with custom cloud services to get information about traffic, navigation, and weather. Cloud services are also used for internal tooling that can help with automotive diagnostics, configuration changes, deployments, and security policy management.

The software platform used to manage infrastructure at Cruise is a combination of cloud products, open source tools, and custom built infrastructure that is mostly deployed to Kubernetes. Karl Isenberg is an engineer at Cruise, and he joins the show to talk about the engineering requirements of building a self-driving car service, and Cruise’s approach to platform engineering.


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