Gatsby with Kyle Mathews and Sam Bhagwat

Frontend software development has become as complex as backend development.

There was a time when frontend web development was simple. There was a small number of JavaScript frameworks and templating systems. Your CSS was simple configuration for the colors on your webpage. Today, there is a giant ecosystem of frontend tools, APIs, and middleware delivering data to the user.

Gatsby is a framework based on React that allows developers to build performant web applications. Gatsby is not easy to explain. In some ways, it is like a compiler for your website. Gatsby pulls in the data that you need to build your website, including CMS data, APIs, and markdown, and then links that information into React components and CSS. This happens on the server, so your user gets served a website that does not require lots of round trips as your website renders.

Kyle Mathews and Sam Bhagwat are the founders of Gatsby, the company that is based around GatsbyJS. They join the show to describe their vision for the framework, and their vision for the company.

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