Facebook Fallout with Antonio Garcia Martinez

Chaos Monkeys is a book about Silicon Valley startups and Facebook. It is one of the most accurate books written about the modern technology industry, and captures both the negatives and the positives of software companies.

Antonio Garcia Martinez is the author of Chaos Monkeys. He wrote the book after going through a gauntlet of prototypical Silicon Valley experiences. Antonio founded an adtech company called AdGrok. His company was funded by the startup accelerator Y-Combinator, and during his time at the company there were many dramatic events that Antonio tells in great detail. AdGrok was acquired by Twitter, and Antonio went to work at Facebook on its ads platform.

Antonio is a fantastic writer. What makes Chaos Monkeys special is that it reads like a book written by an author who accidentally found himself in a technology career, rather than a technologist who opportunistically wrote a book.

Note: This episode contains explicit language.

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