Facebook Products with Peter Deng

Peter Deng has worked on most of Facebook’s major products: Newsfeed, Instagram, Oculus, and Messenger. These different products have different requirements, but are all part of the same ethos of connecting people through social networks. 

Facebook is a consumer product company that is powered by a strong engineering workforce. The relationship between product managers and engineering are two parts of a three-legged relationship: product, engineering, and design. Every major product within Facebook is built with the teamwork of product, engineering, and design.

After almost ten years at Facebook, Peter joined Uber as the Head of Rider. At Uber, Peter works on a very different platform: a real-world, two-sided marketplace. Every change to the Uber platform has an impact on the economic relationship between riders and drivers. This creates a set of product development constraints that contrast with the social network of Facebook.

Peter joins the show to share how he thinks about product management, and how the core competencies of a business inform product strategy.

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