Alluxio: Data Orchestration with Haoyuan Li

In 2013, the Berkeley AMPLab was a center of innovation. 

Three projects from AMPLab have turned into successful open source projects and companies: Spark, Mesos, and Alluxio. Haoyuan Li was the creator of Alluxio, and he returns to the show to discuss his journey taking Alluxio from a research project to a company that has customers including Alibaba, Baidu, Wells Fargo, and Samsung.

Alluxio is an open source data orchestration system. Alluxio allows application developers to think in terms of the latency that they require from their infrastructure rather than the details of different storage systems. Haoyuan discusses the process of integrating with gigantic companies like cloud providers, telecoms, and huge ecommerce companies.

Alluxio is also hosting an upcoming conference, the Data Orchestration Summit November 7th at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View California.

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Show Notes

November 7, 2019 is the first open source Data Orchestration Summit in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. The summit brings together data engineers, data platform engineers, and data scientists to share their challenges and learnings from building and using modern analytics, AI, and cloud technologies. Featuring tech talks covering use cases, demos, best practices, and tutorials by industry experts from EA, Walmart, DBS Bank, Netflix, AWS, Rakuten, Tencent, Google, Baidu, Alibaba and more, with a focus on how to build cloud native analytics & AI platforms. Use code “SDE” to get a 50% discount.

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