The Messy Middle with Scott Belsky

Scott Belsky founded Behance in 2006. Behance is a social platform where designers and creators share their work.

Scott was motivated to start Behance due to his desire to combine his love for creativity with his desire to create a business. After 6 years of work, Behance was acquired by Adobe for more than $150 million. Today, Scott works as the Chief Product Officer at Adobe.

Behance’s journey from idea to acquisition is told by Scott in his book The Messy Middle. His book chronicles the difficult, winding journey that an entrepreneur must take in order to succeed, and contains some harrowing stories. Scott has a gritty personality, which was required to endure the ups and downs of Behance.

Scott joins the show to discuss the story of Behance, and the lessons of his life as an entrepreneur. 

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