Talking Python with Michael Kennedy

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the software world.

After working with Python and developing a love for the language, Michael Kennedy started to wonder why there was not a high quality podcast dedicated to covering the community and new technologies of the Python ecosystem. Michael started Talk Python To Me as a podcast with the goal of telling stories from the world of Python. 

Today, Talk Python To Me is the most popular podcast dedicated to Python and related technologies. Subjects on the podcast include web frameworks, compilers, career development, and cloud services. One of the more recent developments in the world of Python is the prevalence of data science, which Michael also covers in great detail. Michael has also spun up a second podcast called Python Bytes, which offers timely updates to the Python community.

Michael joins the show to share his thoughts on several topics related to Python, including compilers, data science workflows, and web frameworks. Michael also gives his perspective on the world of software podcasting, which he has been doing for more than four years.

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