Google Anthos with Aparna Sinha

Google’s cloud business was long regarded as a place where startups could build a business, but not established enterprises. For serious workloads, enterprises chose Amazon almost unanimously. This phenomenon of Amazon as the default was described by a phrase that harkened back to the days of IBM’s dominance: “nobody ever got fired for choosing AWS.”

With the rise of Kubernetes, Google has established a reputation as a reliable provider of container orchestration. As enterprises look to roll out Kubernetes workloads, Google is convincing many of them to work with Google Kubernetes Engine.

Kubernetes is one part of the changes which fall under the description of “digital transformation”. As these enterprises build out their digital transformation strategy, they are also looking for a strategy around multicloud, on-prem, policy management, and consulting partnerships.

Anthos is a platform where enterprises manage the resources and configuration of their cloud deployments, as well as a system to partner with services integrators and independent software vendors.

Aparna Sinha works on Anthos, Google Kubernetes Engine, and other projects at Google. In today’s show we discuss the process of digital transformation, as well as the tactics for how a digital transformation is actually implemented. We also talked about GKE on-prem, and the kinds of tooling needed by on-prem application deployments.


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